Beautify A Room With Torchiere Floor Lamps

Torchiere floor lamps are built like a torch. The rounded base supports a column that rises from the floor and supports an inverted shadow on the top that reflects the light up. There are many retro designs with a wide variety of finishes on the bases and supports. There are also contemporary styles made with materials such as stainless steel. In today's manufacturing requirements they are very strong. Some are made of resin that looks like metal. The shadow itself is available in a wide variety of materials.

These lamps come in various colors and designs, as well as in a wide variety of prices. Reflecting the light upwards relieves the glow that would be received from a normal overhead light. They are often used to illuminate corners of the room or to emphasize something like a sofa when placed at each end.

The bulbs used today are completely different, of course. They are fluorescent or halogen. These bulbs are not interchangeable, so each lamp is different. Unfortunately, it was discovered that halogen bulbs, due to their high temperatures, tend to cause fires, so they are not used in certain places.​

These lamps often present an ambiance to a room that is needed to perfect the desired outcome. They can be arranged in any manner desired and provide the lighting needed. you can also see Modern Desk Lamps.

A pair of these lamps can balance the proportions of a room and reflect special areas that one wishes to receive attention. Often, replacing the soft and basic lighting can completely transform a room from boring to outstanding. This is the goal of all home decorators, to create something that is unusual but that blends perfectly with the surroundings.

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