All About Hanging Light Fixtures

Pendant lighting improves decor; hanging light fixtures push the improvement in decor to its pinnacle. With great fixtures of classic and contemporary looks, your pendant lighting would not only become decorative but also start to have tremendous practical value. The practical utilities combined with the improved aesthetics make using these fixtures an extremely attractive option.

How does one identify the right height of installation of hanging light fixtures? To determine this, one needs to strike a balance between two important factors. One is the desired levels of brightness in the location. The brighter you want your surroundings to be, the lower down you hang the light fixture. The other factor is the freeness of movement. You would not want to hang the bottom of the light fixture around or below the levels of your head in most of the cases to be able to move around freely.

You would want the brightness of a room or location depending upon the use of the room or the location. For example, you would want a bright study room and dining table. You would want a stairway and corridor with not necessarily high brightness but you would definitely want the entire place to be lightened up to a reasonable extent. And you would want your kitchen to be brighter, although not necessarily as bright as your study room.

Hence, while installing your hanging light fixture in the dining room or the study table, you would want the light fixture bottom to com low. A height of two-and-a-half to three feet from the table surface is what you would desire, since that would give you a reasonable brightness. Also, since the light will be located on top of the table, you would not stand a chance to face hindrance of movement.

On the other hand, while installing the hanging light fixture at your entrance or staircase, you would want medium-intensity light to reach out the entire place. So you would fix the light high up, possibly the bottom being around seven feet from the ground. However, in places like the kitchen, you would require the intensity and reach of the light to be somewhere in the middle. Hence you would want to install the fixture bottom around six to six-and-a-half feet above the ground. The height management would ensure that you strike the desired balance of the intensity of the light and the freeness of your space of movement.

While getting your hanging light fixture, pay a close attention to the looks. There is a huge variety of fixtures available in the market, so in all likelihood you would find one that suit your tastes. In fact a good idea might be to first select the pendant and then identify a good matching or contrasting fixture. That way, you would be sure to get a fixture which perfectly suits the rest of the setup.

 Get the hanging light fixture from a reputed dealer. That way you shall receive the promised quality as well as stand a much better chance to have a hassle-free procurement experience.

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